Jun 3, 2013

Dollar Store DIY Patriotic Wreath

This is so easy and can be made with Dollar Store materials!

I used an 18-inch wreath, some plastic beads, and a little ready-made sign, all from the Dollar Store.  (I also used spray paint, scissors, and a hot glue gun.)

I spray-painted the wreath white and let it dry.  (Not shown)

Next, I cut the beads in one spot each since they were a continuous loop and I needed them in long strands.  I wrapped the beads around the wreath, gluing the ends to the back.  This took two 3-strand necklaces, and I got both in a pack for $1.00 total.

While that cooled, I removed the hanging twine from the sign.  This left ugly holes in the top (#1).  So I cut four single beads from another strand (#2) and glued one bead to each corner, covering the holes (#3).

Then I just glued the sign corners to the wreath, let the glue dry, and hung it up.

Wreaths are great because you can use just about any materials and make them as simple or as complex as you like.  

Happy Independence Day!

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