Apr 1, 2013

Duct Tape and Paperclip Necklace Tutorial

I've been using a paperclip to hold the cut edge of a roll of duct tape I had, and it made me think about paperclip chains and other projects I've seen with these materials.  Shortly after, I found gold tape at the craft store and realized I could do a fun project with it.

You or your kids can try this fun project, and here's all you need:

  • Duct (Duck) tape in the color(s) of your choice
  • Paperclips (I used small gold colored clips, but you can use any size and finish you like.)
  • X-acto Knife or very sharp scissors
  • Jewelry clasp and Jump Ring (optional)

Connect the paperclips together to form a chain.  Hold it around your neck to get the size you like.  I made two chains with 21 clips, two with 23 clips, and two with 25 clips.  I made one red and one gold of each.
Measure and cut the tape into the number of strips you'll need.  Be sure you leave room on either end of the clip to form a little loop.  You don't need much to wrap around.  Something like this should do:
Then you'll just wrap the clips.  When you're done, you can connect with jewelry clasps if it's not big enough to fit over your head.  Wear it longer or shorter, depending on the look you like.  Voila!


  1. This is awesome! How hard was it with duct tape? Would it be a lot easier with masking tape or electrical tape? Or was the duct tape okay? Thanks for your help!

  2. Thanks for your comment - so glad you liked this! I didn't have any trouble working with the duct tape. I would recommend cutting all or most of the tape pieces before you start. When I made this necklace, I just cut several pieces, then wrapped, then cut some more, and so on. I like the duct tape because of the durability and the variety of colors and patterns available, but I think you could use any kind of tape you want, as long as it's really sticky. Good luck, and have fun!

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