Apr 24, 2013

Be a Little Bit Greener at the Grocery!

Earth Day was on Monday, in case you were wondering!  While we don't usually do anything special on Earth Day, I decided that I would pick just ONE thing that our family could do differently in order to live a little bit greener.  But there are SO MANY things we could do; which one should I choose?

Then I happened to walk into our local grocery store and I KNEW.  I saw these.

Am I alone in hating the piles of little plastic produce bags that get collected at the grocery store?  I hate to admit it, but I often end up throwing them in the trash instead of recycling them.  I have gotten pretty good at remembering my reusable grocery bags, but the produce bags still get me down!

Then I saw these little guys.  And guess what?!  Only $1.47 for each pack of 3.  An inexpensive, easy way that we can be a little bit greener, and I don't have to be overrun by annoying little bags.  What could be better?  I especially like the drawstring that will prevent runaway plums (or mangoes or apples or what-have-you).

If you were to pick ONE thing to make things greener in your family, what would it be?  

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