May 27, 2013

DIY Cloche

It seems everyone is decorating with cloches these days.  They're such a pretty way to display little treasures, and I want to show you how to make your own.

Your options for supplies are pretty much limited only by your imagination.  I just walked around the craft store and stacked different items on top of each other until I had the look I liked.  Here's what I used:


  • Wooden finial
  • Glass container (this was with the candle holders)
  • Small potted plant saucer (use what fits the lip of your glass container)
  • Paint (I used Rust-oleum metallic spray paint in oil rubbed bronze)
  • Strong adhesive (I like E-6000)
  • Optional - I also purchased a wooden candlestick to go on the bottom, but after everything was painted, I liked it better without and didn't use it.  I also wasn't sure it would be sturdy enough, so consider that too.

Paint your elements (other than the glass, of course) and let dry.

Turn the glass container over and glue the finial to the base. If you want to add a candlestick to the base, do that now.
That's it!
I put a little store-bought moss in mine, topped with a dollar store nest.  I love it!

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