May 6, 2013

Crystal Heart Sun Catcher

I felt like creating something to celebrate the wonderful sunshine we're having, so I came up with this pretty sun catcher.  

It's really easy, though you might need to stop for a few supplies.  Here's what you need:
  • Wire; one thicker than the other (I used black 12 gauge and 24 gauge.  The higher the number, the thinner the wire.  My 24 gauge wire is a double-twisted variety, but you can use whatever you want.)
  • Wire cutters (Mine work great and were from the dollar store!)
  • Beads or crystals (The smaller ones were on a pick from the wedding department of my craft store for $3.49, and I have lots of beads left over.)

*** Important!  Be sure your thinner wire will fit through the holes on your crystals/beads.  You can usually test it out at the store before you buy.
What to do:
  • With the thicker wire, form a heart shape.  It doesn't have to be perfect here.  Just get the basic shape.  The two loose ends should form the top center part for hanging the larger crystal.
  • Get your beads ready.  I simply unwound the wire holding the pick together and slid the beads off.
  • Then wire the beads to the heart form with the thinner wire, wrapping a few extra times at each bead.  I just eyeballed where they should go, trying to get the beads spaced somewhat evenly.
  • Twist the loose wires at the top into a small loop for the larger crystal.

  • Using a small length of thin wire, thread the larger crystal and twist the wire.  Then attach that to the loop on the heart form.
  • Next you'll want to use a short piece of thin wire to make another small loop at the top for hanging the heart.

  • Then tidy up the form to get the heart shape you like, and it's time to hang it up.  I hung mine with plain fishing line, and that's it!  

Now sit back and enjoy your pretty little sun catcher!

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