Mar 11, 2013

Rock On! (A Guest Book Alternative)

For a less formal approach to the traditional guest book at a wedding or party, try this easy idea with big impact.

What you'll need:

  • Smooth, flattened stones
  • Sharpie marker (fine point)
  • Dish or plate for "plain" rocks
  • Glass container
  • Moss (optional)
What you do:

Set out the stones in the dish or plate, alongside the sharpie.  Place moss, if desired, into the bottom of the glass container.

Leave out a note to let guests know what you're doing, like this:

Each guest signs his/her name on a stone, alone with the date or a short message.

Then they place the stone into the glass container.  I added moss because I liked the look and also because it keeps the stones from banging around too much against the glass as they're being added.

That's it.  You're left with a lovely reminder of the event, and it looks pretty when displayed too!

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