Mar 27, 2013

Whatcha Wearin' Wednesday

My mom tells me that when I was a little girl I would regularly ask her about her clothes.  "Whatcha wearin' on, Mom?", I would say.  So goes the family lore.

Well, I have always loved clothes and putting outfits together that are a little out of the box.  Let me show you what I'm wearing today.  It's a bit fancier than what I normally wear on any given Wednesday, but it was fun to put together.

I went to a luncheon today, so I thought I had better wear a skirt.  I almost went for cowboy boots, but at the last minute chose these go-to, high heel boots.  They make me feel powerful!  Maybe it's because I'm not that tall...

purple skirt - Target clearance
jacket - swap from a friend!
grey/white striped t-shirt - Target
brown boots - Nordstrom (years ago!)
yellow lacquer bracelet - second hand store
amber earrings - gift from my dad

Surprisingly, the purple skirt has proven to be such a versatile piece!  At first I picked it up because it was on clearance and so inexpensive.  But I've found myself wearing it so often, with a variety of tops.  It can be dressy (it is lace, after all) or casual (pair it with a t-shirt and flats or even flip-flops!).  I LOVE color, so the purple with yellow pops of color really appeals to me.

What about you?  Do you love color or find yourself gravitating to the neutrals?

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