Jul 10, 2013

TIP: Keep a Swiffer Duster in Your Car!

Today's tip comes to us by way of our friend and neighbor, Denise.   She gave me permission to use her great idea!

Does the dashboard of your car ever look like this:

Can you see that dust?  You may also be able to see the place where my index finger tried to wipe away the dust from the speedometer.  Classy, I know.  That's how I roll.  Here, have another look at that dust: 

 Here's where our smart friend comes in!  She keeps the Swiffer duster in her car and uses it to keep her dashboard clean and dust-free.  The wand and five dusters are just $4.59 at Target, and one duster should last you for many months, as you'll only be dusting the dash!  And look, the wand fits perfectly in the glove box:

I used the Swiffer to dust the dash, the radio, into the vents, and of course, the instrument panel.  Works like a charm, and I can take care of this annoying part of life whenever I need to!

Thanks, Denise!


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