Jul 3, 2013

Set Your Kiddos Loose With a Camera!

How many of you have a drawer that looks kind of like this? 

You updated long ago to a great new camera, but you've still got several of these old point-and-shoots lying around.  Who's with me?!

Well, I've got a few thoughts for you this week on these little treasures that may be hiding under your nose.

First, don't knock the point-and-shoot camera!  By just learning a few easy tricks about your camera's settings, you can take fantastic photos, especially if you are only going to use them digitally!  For the first several years of blogging, I used that little red Nikon CoolPix you see in the photo.  And I routinely had people comment on my photos, asking what kind of camera I was using!  So don't think you necessarily have to have an SLR or some big fancy camera to take darn good photos.

Second,  a few weeks ago I shared with you what I'm doing with my kiddos this summer to keep them busy and learning.  One of the activities that they can choose is to use one of our cameras to take interesting photos and them share those with a family member.  One of the beauties of digital images is that you can take LOTS and easily delete the ones you don't want to keep.  Perfect for kids to try their hands at taking photos. 

I encouraged my children to try different perspectives, to get up close, to look at objects from underneath or from just above.  They LOVE being able to take photos (And videos!  Those are especially fun!) and see them right away.  Then we can talk about what looks interesting and what didn't work as well.  

Here are a few of the photos they took last week.


What other ideas do you have for using the older tech devices in your house?  Share in the comments!

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