Jul 24, 2013

Whatcha Wearin' Wednesday

Whatcha Wearin' Wednesday is back!  It's been a while, but I thought I would post an outfit that I've worn recently.

First, I would like to ask you to ignore my squinty eyes in this photo!  It was a tad sunny, but otherwise a good time for photo-taking.  So there it is!

I love this yellow dress that I found at Old Navy on clearance.  It has a circular eyelet pattern on it and a simple zip up the back.

Here I wore a skinny metallic pink belt to try to define the waist a bit.  The turquoise wedges are really fun and turquoise is a go-to color for me in the summertime.  It goes with almost everything!

The necklace was made by me several years ago in my making-jewelry phase.  This is one of my favorites, and I've gotten a lot of mileage from it!

I didn't wear earrings or a bracelet, as the bright colors and the necklace are enough for me.


* Color!  I am a color addict and I love putting several bright colors together.  

* The ease of the dress.  It is a breeze to zip and go.  I love dresses for this reason.

* Wedges make me feel tall.  And powerful.

Dress - Old Navy 
Shoes - TJ Maxx
Belt - Target
Necklace - made by me

I'm linking today with The Pleated Poppy and Random Wednesday.


  1. What a fun outfit! I love your flair for putting items together and for mixing colors.

  2. I have the white version of the dress. (o:

  3. Hi Kit, can you tell me where Katharine's gravesite is? I am a friend from HS and we used to sneak out late at night and drive around small town Little Rock. I'd like to visit her one day. She was an amazing person.

    Thank you,