Apr 22, 2013

Anyone Can Make This Ring!

This is the easiest ring you could ever make, even if you don't consider yourself a crafter.  

You just need a ring blank, some strong adhesive (I used E-6000), and something pretty as the centerpiece of the ring.
You can get ring blanks in a variety of styles and prices.  This one was in a multi-pack and came out to about 33 cents each, and the druzy (or is it drusy?) stones were $7.99 for the five pieces, so about $1.60 each, for a total of less than 2 bucks for the finished ring!

(I got the ring blank and stones at Michael's.)

All you do is glue one of the stones to the ring blank with the E-6000, let it dry, and voila!  New ring for you!  

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