Apr 19, 2013

Laundry sorting solutions

I have tried to  find "the perfect solution" to the sock and underwear sorting dilemma at my house.  You know what I'm talking about - missing socks, hours of sorting, folding, matching, scrambling to find a clean know the drill. Below I've listed what I've tried and why it didn't work:
  • I tried washing each kid's laundry totally separately.  Why doesn't this work?  Washing the colors and whites separately makes two ridiculously small and wasteful loads, but when I don't separate the whites from the colors, the whites are dingy.  Also, my kids throw their dirty clothes anywhere they can so their clothes aren't always in the correct laundry bag!
  • I tried keeping their socks and underwear in a basket in the hallway and making them pull out their own items, fold and put them away on a regular basis.  Why doesn't this work?  Do I really have to say what didn't work about that? 
  • I tried just doing it all myself simply because I don't trust anyone else in my house to get it done.  Why doesn't this work?  This actually does work, as you can imagine, but I just don't like it.

THIS is my new solution. 

Each person (including the grown ups) has a lingerie bag hanging with our laundry bags in our closets.  I found these Container Store bags that we love.  In those bags go our socks and underwear after we take them off.  When the bags are full, I zip them up, wash and bleach them all together, dry them, and throw them back into our rooms.  Each person has clean and matching socks and underwear, all together, nothing lost.  

Why does this work for us?
  • We also have these large laundry bags hanging on our doors already, so our lingerie bags just hang with them.  I use a clip hanger with each to keep it on top and easily accessible.
  • I have 2 bags per person, so that one is clean and one is dirty...kind of like a second set of bedsheets. 
  • My kids are notoriously bad at taking off socks and leaving them balled in shoes or pants....or taking off underwear with pants and having them stay IN the pants!  If the socks and underwear have a different place, they have to separate them.)
  • They dryer CAN'T eat the socks.
  • My kids know that if they're suddenly "out of socks", it's their responsibility to go to the bag and sort them.  
Try it!  It's inexpensive, a huge timesaver, and it helps make the kids responsible for their stuff.  I LIKE THAT! 


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