Oct 1, 2013

Clay Skull DIY

This is an easy way to make a versatile clay skull, even if you have zero clay sculpting experience (like me). 

Dollar Tree had these silicone ice cube trays shaped like skulls.  I bought one and tried a couple of different ideas that didn't work, and then I came up with this.

To make one, you'll need:

Silicone skull mold
Black polymer clay (I used Sculpey III)
Corn starch
Parchment paper
Paint or paint pens (I just used black and white)
Gloss spray (I used glossy lacquer)

I dusted mine with corn starch (just like you'd dust a cake pan) just to ensure there would be no sticking. 

I worked on parchment paper for this project.  Knead the clay in your hands and form a ball roughly the size of the mold.  Starting in the center, press the clay into the mold.  Be sure you press it firmly in, and get the back as flat and even with the mold edges as possible.

Carefully unmold the clay.  Mine slid right out.  Then, on a parchment-covered cooking sheet, cure in the oven according to package instructions and let cool when it comes out.   I took a damp paper towel to wipe off any remaining corn starch from the finished piece.

Now it's time to jazz it up.  I simply used a paint pen with a chiseled tip and a Micron black pen.

I started with the white areas and let it dry.

Then I went in with the black for more details.  Here I also worked again on any white spots that looked messy and used the black to go over and cover up any stray white parts I didn't like.

Let that dry, then spray with clear gloss.  Start from pretty far away and give a LIGHT mist.  This will help keep the designs from running.  Let it dry, and repeat the process until you get the glossiness you want.  Let it dry.  You don't HAVE to gloss it, but it makes a huge difference and brings out the contrast more.

Now you can use this guy for jewelry or other embellishing, like I did here below.  If you'd like to make this particular embellishment, just glue it to a felt flower.  You can click here for quick instructions on making a couple of versions of felt flowers.

Happy Halloween Season!

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