Sep 12, 2013

FAUX Burlap Display

I know by now everyone probably has a pretty good idea how to make these charming initialed burlap pieces.  But did you know you can get the same effect without buying supplies, measuring, cutting, painting, and matting?  You can!  

*This looks like a lot of steps, but it's just because I'm being VERY specific.  You should be able to knock this out quickly, even if you're not familiar with PicMonkey.

Here's how I got this look the easy way:

1.  Go to  If you don't have an account, create one now.  It's free and super easy.
2.  You want to start with a blank transparent page.  To do this, open "CREATE A COLLAGE" on the main page.  From the initial template, remove all but a single cell by clicking the "x" on each corner within the main body of the collage template.  Save this to your computer where you can readily find it.
3.  Now go to "EDIT A PHOTO." When it asks you to choose a photo, choose the blank page you just made.
4.  On the left is the drop-down menu where you choose your options.  First pick "BASIC EDITS."  (On mine, this is automatically on there when I go to this part.  If it's not, just click basic edits.)  From this option, choose "Resize."  Be sure the "Keep Proportions" option is NOT checked.  Then Change Size to 50 x 70.  Apply changes.
5.  Go to the "TEXTURES" option on the menu, and choose "WEAVE."  There's one on there that looks like burlap.  Choose that one.
8.  Now go to "TEXT" on the menu.  Select the font you like.  (Mine is Jellyka Delicious Cake, which is a premium option.)  At the top of the drop-down choose "ADD TEXT."   Type in your letter, enlarge it to the size you like, and drag it to the center of the photo.  Next to the text box will be another box with options.  Choose "BLEND MODES" and select "OVERLAY."  This is what gives it the look that it's actually been stamped onto the burlap and makes it look more realistic.
9.  Go back to "OVERLAYS" on the left-hand menu.  Go to "FLOURISHES" if you're a premium member or use another overlay such as "GARNISHES" for free.  Choose one you like.  Center and size it.  Choose "BLEND MODES" and "OVERLAY" for this part.  Then right click and pick "DUPLICATE OVERLAY" which will copy the same size and effect if you want one on top and one on bottom.
10.  Go to the menu and select "FRAMES."  I chose "MUSEUM MATTE." I didn't adjust any of the sizes on the frame, but you can make yours however you like it.
11.  Now save this to your computer.  

Get it printed at 5x7 inches, and frame it (mine is a Dollar Store frame!)  I used Walgreens to print the photo and ordered the matte finish, which you have to order by mail.  However, I have it framed behind glass, and it still looks good, so I feel like I should have just ordered the low-low cost, one-hour method, for the normal finish with minimal difference.  

I think it looks pretty good, even close up.  See?  That glare is from the glass in the frame, not from the photo paper.  You could take the glass out if you prefer that look.

Not so hard, right?  Give it a try!

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