Sep 30, 2013

Halloween Tissue Paper Wreath

Today I'll share how I made this tissue paper wreath for Halloween, spending very little money to do it.

You'll need:
Wreath Form (mine is from Dollar Tree)
Orange Tissue Paper
Pipe Cleaners in Orange and Black (I used yellow, but you should use orange if possible.)
Halloween Embellishment (mine is handmade, but you could use a store-bought one if you like)
Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
Ribbon or String

To start, cut four strips lengthwise from one sheet, then repeat on a second sheet.  Kind of scrunch these up and use to wrap around the wreath form.  You can pin or glue the ends as you wrap.

Next, leaving the remaining sheets of tissue paper stacked (mine came with 10 sheets, so after I used the paper to wrap, I had 8 sheets stacked.)  Cut squares or rectangles.  Mine were about 4 x 6 inches each.  It doesn't matter if these are perfect, and even if it's on a fold, it's okay.  Then cut off the corners so you wind up with something similar to this:

With each set of squares, staple the middle of a pipe cleaner to the center of the flower.  You can staple it twice if you like.

Starting with the top layer, just squish it up like in the photo below.  Repeat with each layer, loosening up with each layer.  I didn't even squish up the bottom layer.

Next you'll attach the tissue to the wreath by wrapping the pipe cleaners around and twisting.  If you use orange pipe cleaners, you're good here.  I didn't, so I had to go back with more tissue paper, gluing over the pipe cleaners to hide the yellow. 

Your wreath might not be round enough here, so you can easily adjust at this point.  Also, if you have any pieces of tissue that seem too big or stick out, just snip them down here.

I glued a pipe cleaner to the back of this embellishment, then wrapped it around.

For a little something extra, I made some pipe cleaner swirls from black pipe cleaners, then glued those to the wreath form with hot glue.  After I handled them, they needed to be evened out a little after they were glued on.

Use a final pipe cleaner to make a hook on the back if you're planning to hang it by a ribbon.  Then just tie on a ribbon or string, hang it up, and enjoy the festive touch!  This smaller size wreath is great for a kitchen.  I hung it on a corner cabinet in my kitchen, and it looks great!

Like the skull embellishment?  I'll be showing how to make that next, so check back here soon!

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