Aug 2, 2013

Fun and creative ways to use all those school supplies

School supply time is magical.  Seriously.  Second only to Christmastime, school supply shopping is my favorite time of year.  Is there anything better than the smell of a fresh box of crayons, a new unused spiral, a clean and full eraser?  That's right...NO there's not.

Where we live, school supply lists are coming out and the supplies are on sale.  The urge to buy is too much to resist.  When my local store posts a "Limit 6" sign, I HAVE to buy 6, even if we only need a few.  I usually end up with extra school supplies pouring out of our craft cabinet and no idea what to do with them.  So what can YOU do with all of these extras?  Here you go...
  • Pencil cases make EXCELLENT make up bags.  
  • Make a crayon wreath.
  • Use clear school boxes to store your measuring spoons.
  • Turn composition books into one of a kind journals
  • Punch holes in your kids artwork (it's okay, I promise) and keep them in a binder on a shelf or a coffee table to use as an art book.
  • Cover spiral notebooks in pipe cleaners for a creative cover. 
  • Use food coloring and Elmer's Glue to turn clear glass vases, jars, and bowls into sea glass.  
  • Melt down crayons in any mold to create a unique crayon or even decoration.
  • Use index cards cut into shapes to make gift tags for any occasion.
  • Glue map pencils or regular pencils around a cup, can or jar to create a one of a kind pencil holder for your desk!  (You can do it with crayons, too!)
  • And best of all.... school supplies can be a great giving opportunity for your kids.  Collect extras of everything and take them to local homeless shelters or community centers for children who need help!

But now I need YOUR input.  Which of the above crafts would YOU like to see in a detailed how to post?  In the coming weeks I will post detailed instructions. Stay tuned!

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